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Although our core business is graphic and web design, Bizy Bug also offer a self publishing service for children's picture books. Everything from illustration, book layout and design to printing, we can bring your picture book to life and have you selling your book in no time. We have also illustrated a range of titles for various self-publishing authors.

Emma Cries Where are you Baby Roo Poor Little Dino Spark Poor Little Dino Spark
and the Birthday Surprise
Colin the Cranky Kookaburra

"I think Bizy Bug books are fantastic. They are bright, colourful and friendly, making them especially appealing to children. They are written with enjoyable stories and are not culturally or gender bias. After being an Early Childhood Educator for almost 20 years I would definately recommend any of Bizy Bugs books to children of any age"

Angela Lawlor - Early Childhood Educator, B4 Kids Learning Centre